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Yotta Pay is a mobile payment system and digital wallet developed in the United Kingdom

Forget about cards and numbers. Pay effortlessly and receive payments from friends in seconds.
How it work?
Install the Yotta Pay app
Go to the Business tab
Activate "Business pay as you go" merchant plan. IT IS FREE to use a discounted cards feature. Fees will be applied only if you start using the app as a merchant.
Go to the Wallet tab
Gift cards -> Buy new -> check the list of participating retailers.
Use the gift card to pay.
You will save instantly. Remember, you don't need to buy your gift card upfront, you can do it right before the checkout, when you know how much you are going to spend.
  • Choose your favorite brand from dozens of stores, services, and restaurants
  • Get a coupon for up to 12% off purchases of any size
    In addition, this discount is combined with the current store discount.

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Is the app paid for?
No, the app is free and does not charge any fees to the payer when making payments.
Do I need to top up my Yotta Pay account?
No, all funds remain in your bank account.
Is Yotta Pay only for online payments?
No, you can use our app to pay at any establishment.
Does it work on my smartphone?
Yes, Yotta Pay has an official app for iOS and Android smartphones.
  • Yotta Pay uses the same security features as your bank
  • No intermediary, instant account-to-account transfer
  • Payments confirmed with biometric
  • UK bank authorisation
  • No card details required, no bank details retained
  • Authorised and regulated by the FCA
  • Based on Open Banking technology, adopted by HMRC

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Yotta Pay is a trading name of Yotta Digital Ltd, a UK Registered company 12195240.

VAT Registration Number GB389048258.

Yapily Connect Ltd, Authorised Payment Institution, FCA Registered 827001.

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